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Offering Planet ( is a collection of copies of condominium and cooperative offering plans presented by Philip J. Lavender, Esq. Offering plans are comprehensive disclosures about condominium and cooperative buildings filed with the Attorney General’s Office of the state where the property is located. Buyers, sellers and real estate agents are often frustrated by the delayed momentum of a transaction while the parties scramble to get a copy of an offering plan as part of the necessary “due diligence” of a real estate transaction.

This information is provided in an effort to streamline the process by avoiding a long delay and additional cost in purchasing a copy of an offering plan charged by a managing agent or sponsor which can range anywhere between $50.00- $200.00 per copy.

Offering Planet is also offered as a “green” alternative to printing thousands of pages which will likely be placed on a shelf or in a file. It saves storage space and paper. Making electronic versions available online to view is a convenient and environmentally friendly alternative to the wasteful repeated printing of these large documents which put a strain on our natural resources. Scan a plan and save the world!!

Please send us offering plans or amendments for condominiums and cooperative buildings so that they can be downloaded to this site and made available to others. You can send copies in a PDF format to or better yet, stop by our office to drop off a paper copy and say hello.