Free Offering Plans for Co-ops and Condos

We know how frustrating it can be to wait for the managing agent or sponsor to provide a copy of the offering plan you need as part of your due diligence process, and we want to help make that experience easier for you.

Offering Planet is a collection of copies of condominium and cooperative offering plans presented by Philip J. Lavender, Esq.. Offering plans are comprehensive disclosures about condominium and cooperative buildings filed with the Attorney General’s Office of the state where the property is located, but they’re often difficult to get a hold of.

We’ve created Offering Planet so you can access these documents at no cost!

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Scan a plan and save the world

Why Offering Planet?

Offering Planet is a service, which has been around for several years, that allows purchasers to target and research a building before making an offer to purchase. This allows you to make the most informed decision possible about the property you’re looking for, and it also speeds up the sale process.

Eco Friendly

Making it possible for people to download offering plan is an environmentally friendly alternative

Save Time

We eliminate the delay of a transaction while the parties scramble to get a copy of an offering plan

No Need to Print

You can access your documents from anywhere, so you don’t have to waste time printing out copies

No Waste

Making electronic versions of documents available online can cut down on waste of paper and ink.

A practical guide to purchasing a condo in New York City

A comprehensive guide and check list prepared by experienced real estate attorney, Philip J. Lavender which describes the process and acts as a step by step practical road map helping purchasers, attorneys and agents answer questions, anticipate road blocks and eliminate the stress of a very active New York City real estate market. “Familiarity builds success, not failure”